Here at Mirage, we create, produce and deliver the right solution for the job.

We’re always finding the right solution so we can guide our clients to achieve the results they’re after. We’re adept at looking ahead and reading the shifts in our sector so we can invest accordingly.

Whether our clients are searching for a creative, production or delivery solution, here is where to find more information on each of the specialist services across each of our business areas. For clients looking for a tailored solution, talk to us today.

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Marketing and communication.

We offer our clients strategic, thoughtful communication combined with cutting edge marketing expertise.

Visual design.

From creating a logo and packaging to being brand guardians, our designers create the perfect visual communication elements for our clients.

Structural design.

Our team use specialised CAD software to create visually engaging 3D displays. We’re able to provide our clients with a 360◦ visual of their next projects.

Web development.

Our websites inspire and drive action. Our web designers ensure our clients’ sites have effective SEO and UX providing a digital presence that delivers results.

Motion design.

Stand out in a world full of static design. Our digital design team deliver engaging motion content for a range of media.



Decades of experience underpin all of our printing services including offset, digital and large format. We are trusted by some of the world’s largest brands.

Point of sale.

We offer solutions for our clients’ custom-designed point of sale or promotional display, whether it’s permanent or temporary.

Signage and displays.

We produce all kinds of signage, both static and motion – from digital, billboards, and vehicles to interior and exterior.

Premiums and merchandising.

Mirage provide ethically sourced, fully-customised premiums and merchandise, helping our clients’ brands stand out.


Storage and 3PL.

We are able to tailor 3PL solutions for our clients in our Mirage-owned warehouses, providing safe and secure storage of collateral.

Logistics and distribution.

Our logistics team can provide campaign management and tailor a kitting/kit fulfilment and distribution solution for our clients throughout the country.


Our collaborative cloud-based portal provides visibility over stock, allowing marketing and merchandising teams to manage and order collateral for client promotions.

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