Brand presentation in a retail environment is fundamental for success.

In a crowded retail environment where options are endless, it’s crucial to stand out and have maximum impact.

We have structural and industrial designers in-house allowing us to provide innovative concepts to get our clients’ next promotion or in-store activation standing out from the crowd.

Utilising the latest technology, we’re able to provide 360◦ concepts allowing clients to visualise the activation before production begins.

Mirage have the ability in-house to produce permanent and temporary point-of-sale solutions. We also have an off-shore network allowing us to deliver solutions that meet our clients’ budget and timelines.

Permanent point of sale
Temporary point of sale
Digital displays

Permanent point of sale.

We design, supply, and manufacture permanent point-of-sale solutions. Our team focusses on ensuring the display of products is aesthetically pleasing to stimulate impulse purchases. These displays include hang sells, floor stand displays through to shop fittings and fixtures.

Permanent displays can be produced from metal, acrylic and wood and can also have digital elements included. These can be despatched pre-assembled and packed ready to go straight on the shop floor.

Temporary point of sale.

Custom designed and manufactured display stands are a perfect solution for promotional campaigns, product launches and temporary trade display opportunities. This a cost effective alternative when looking for something less permanent.

We can create a wide selection of temporary point-of-sale displays ranging from peg, pallet, and tiered displays through to dump bins and free-standing display units (FSDU). We can make ours from a range of substrates, including corrugated cardboard, depending on which best fits our client’s needs. Point-of-sale displays can also be delivered entirely assembled and prepacked, or flat-packed ready to assemble and fill.

Digital displays.

We’re able to deliver the newest technology in digital displays. These screens are the perfect marketing campaign tool to transform the places people shop, meet, work, and gather. For these clients and those who already have a display, our motion designers can provide engaging content that will resonate with staff and customers.

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